SOTA 2017 Recap

Photo: Katy Steele, Sam Maher

SOTA 2017 seemed like a call to arms for WA's music scene.  Was definitely a day to remember!    

Rag n Bone's energy seemed to permeate the entire Quay, POW! Negro nearly made the stage lift off past the Van Allen belt, Bob Evans' harmonica made me feel like everything was going to be okay, Katy Steele blitzed through her latest album with swagger, Tired Lion were indeed tired, as they ran straight onstage fresh from from Primavera Sound and mustered up the energy of 100 Spartans, Gyroscope showed everyone who's boss (the Midnight Oil cover made me tear up) and Karnivool opened up a portal to the  abyss.  



Darrell Sundai